I wanna hold your hand – here we’re at a Beatles holy of holies

Richard P. – “the Pied Piper of Beatlemania” – takes us to a sacred spot in the Beatles story. No, it’s not Abbey Road. It’s the family home in posh Marylebone of the actress Jane Asher. Back in the early 60s Paul McCartney and Jane Asher were “an item” and sure enough Paul lived in Jane’s parents’ house for about three years. It was there that Jane Asher’s mother, a music teacher, tried, unsuccessfully, to teach Paul to read music. But he did learn to play the recorder. More importantly, it was there that Paul and John wrote the hit ‘I want to hold your hand.’ All good stuff – and some of the accompanying side dishes are little bursts of flavour in their own right, including, for example, the time the Rolling Stones had to pretend to be the Beatles’ Roadies.

So, yes, this podcast is a good few chords from Richard P.’s Paul McCartney in London Virtual Tour.


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