Musical Kensington – an excerpt from Adam’s Virtual Tour

It’s a variety show. It’s the opening of Adam’s Musical Kensington Virtual Tour. The range is wonderful: music of course (history and performance and biography and instruments), today, the 1960s, the Victorians, the 18th century (and points in between), architecture, cultural history, lurid rumours, scandal, malevolent-looking characters, the church, guns, technology, inventions, aerial views, 15-to-a-room in the East End of London, opulence, domestic scenes, costume, “a teenager’s bedroom”, even (bless him) the Monster of Mesopotamia (Saddam Hussein), etc. etc.

A variety show that’s a feast: for the eye, the ear, the mind.

An illustration in 780 seconds of the magic a great guide can work.

A huge treat.

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