When Eric Clapton met Jimi Hendrix


“At this point the stories become wildly legendary…” Adam sorts them for us.

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This is a clip from his, Adam’s, Jimi Hendrix in London Virtual Tour. It, like the rest of the tour, is a feast – everything from privileged access (“I have a pass to get in here”) to perfectly judged scene-setting (“the cream of British musicians”) to crosshairs targetting the perfect detail (Eric Clapton’s haircut, the exact Howling Wolf track, “for two shillings and sixpence you could see Cream”, etc.) to brilliant storytelling (the individual feathers in that peacock’s tail of “at this point the stories become wildly legendary”).


Adam’s a special talent. Has a good claim to being the most gifted guide in London. He’s been on the most astonishing creative streak of late. His output of London music tours this past year – it’s like sparks from a welder. Jimi Hendrix in London is just one of nearly 20 music tours that he’s created in the last few months (see the Virtual Tours menu on this website).

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