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Ghosts & Gaslight in Halloween Season

Embankment underground station, London (Villiers Street exit)

Guided by Peter G. or Richard III

The grim, the ghastly, the gruesome, the gloomth on this gaslit, Guinness-fueled gallivant. The whole Gothic gamut: unaccountable phenomena to genuinely frightening experiences. The blind head of bone grinning its abuse. The… Enough? No? Ok, a witch’s brew of good Halloween Season stuff. A carousel of horrors. Murder and mayhem and mystery. Tales that’ll have your thoughts diving into the coffin. And the contents of the coffin crawling out. That’s right. Coffins that have been known to empty their contents up this alleyway and in that theatre and on the platform of that Underground station, etc. The box of pine maybe for them – but they not always for it. And to think this phantasmagoria (that newly coined term – in 1801 – that meant “an assembly of ghosts“) playing out – for those who can see it or sense it – right smack dab in the feverish heart and dark spots of the West End of London. Lively, alive – was ever word so charged? – area. Area that’s got a lot of, er, presence. Area that does buzz and goes bump. In the night. Especially at this time of the year. Fun walk. Good “busting”. Actors Richard III and Peter – who guide this one – will be no end of help with that side of it (the busting I mean).


The Halloween Season Ghosts & Gaslight Pub Walk goes at 7.15 pm on SXXXXXXXXXX. Meet Richard III or Peter just outside the Villiers Street exit of EmbankmentTube station.


“London Walks has many copycats, but it’s the best.”  Frommer’s London by Night

“Top Ghost Walks in the UK  London, England: London Walks…their four ghost walks” Essential Travel

It all comes down to the guiding (exponentially so on ghost walks) – but don’t just take it from us.


It’s not even close