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In Focus – St. James’s Street

Green Park underground station, London (north exit, on the corner)

Guided by Peter G.

Streets Ahead! More trailblazing by the best urban walking tour guides on the planet. In Focus walks are an extremely detailed look – “what I love about London Walks is the degree of granularity you get” (as that American visitor memorably put it) – at the most famous streets and squares of London. And their tributaries. This In Focus walk explores St. James’s Street, where Byron “awoke to find myself famous.” St. James’s Street past and present. And boy do we mean past here. Not just back to Byron and then Hogarth and then on back to the Restoration and still further back to the Wars of the Roses. Five centuries and change – that’s just the blink of an eye. We’re going back 235,000 to 125,000 years ago. Yes, serious pre-history. You walk down St. James’s Street you’re walking from “the 50-foot terrace” to “the 25-foot terrace.” It’s to walk from an earlier “warm period” through a glaciation to the next “warm period.” It’s to walk – have it beneath your feet – what it was that made London possible. It’s to understand its geology and the life it supported – and the forces, acted out over geological periods of time, that brought that about. It’s to understand London. Then there’s the architecture – no other London street ranges so far across the history of London architecture, is more architecturally vigorous and interesting. There are ancient shops that are the very epitome of “consumer London” at its best and classiest. There are London’s oldest and most preeminent gentlemen’s clubs. There’s a secret museum. There’s an English Scheherazade of characters and stories. The walk, which forms a natural pair with the St. James’s Square walk, is guided (as is the St. James’s Square walk) by actor and star London Walks guide, Peter.


“I just had a most wonderful walk with Stephanie titled Chester Square. Last year at this time I did a special Earl’s Court [Classic London Mews & Hidden Passageways] with her, so the two walks prompted this email. She is a delight, and I hung onto her every word. I have done another of your specialized street walks (In Focus – St. James’s Street) and the guide [Peter] was every bit as good as Stephanie. I look forward to more of these specialized walks.”  Lynn L. American Women’s Group, Paris


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