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For starters there's this – those two happy little kids skipping along at Shaughan's side during the walk make the point perfectly. Ditto the little girl and her mum at walk's end. In short, this is definitely worth a click because you can see for yourself!
And there's this. "Not where the tourists go, where the ghosts are..." It's another London Walks Ghost Buster Guide – Peter – in action. The point being that Shaughan's not alone – the London Walks ghost walks team is made up of half a dozen or so star guides.
And you can see – and hear – for yourself here. It's  a grab from one of our "guaranteed ghosts" private walks.

And beyond that, well, don't just take our word for it (or what you've just seen with your own eyes)...
Which is by way of saying, here's a walker – JR in NJ – telling it like it is (the comment's from the Read Walkers' Recommendations item on Saturday's Ghosts of the Old City entry)... 
JR – NJ, USA June 2007

It's hard to remember how many times I've taken this walk. Everytime I am taking a relative or friend around London with me, this is the walk I take. The scenery is straight out of a movie, and what can I say about Shaughan. He's definitely better than any write-up either I or this brochure could come up with. The stories, the tidbits, the drama – this walk has it all. I guess I've done this walk about 6 or 7 times. It'll be up to 8 the next time I'm in town . . .

Game, Set and Match, wouldn't you say?
And look, I highlighted those elements – scenery and Shaughan – because now you can see for yourself. I'm talking of course about the little video trailer we've made of this walk. It's here.
And just bit further down this page there's another "preview" of what JR's talking about. (Shaughan's London-Thing-in-the-Night get-up elicited the ultimate compliment a while back. Shaughan was heading over to the start of the walk and he shimmered by two London cabbies who were taking a break in Smithfield - the rest of us sit down for a break, cabbies get out and stand a bit. Anyway as he went by he overheard one of them say to his mate, "effing hell, did you see that?" The point being of course that it's well nigh impossible to impress a London cabbie. Cuz they've seen it all. Well, these two thought they'd seen it all. So a "preview".) And a "prehear" - here's a bit of audio from the walk. Enjoy.

But in the afterglow we can maybe at least look at some of the whys and wherefores. As well as do a quick overview – a pull-together. Get everything under one roof, so to speak. Well, actually here's a second "roof". It's our dedicated ghost walk website. www.londonghostwalks.com This one was a long time acoming. For lots of reasons. Not the least of which is, like guiding a ghost walk, websiting them is a devilishly tricky proposition. Get it wrong and they're tacky and chintzy – one false note after another. Which we wanted no part of. Splendidly enough it was the splendid Adam – the Mulder of the London Walks ghost guides crew – who cracked it. Stands to reason of course given that razor sharp pen of his. So, yes, sure enough, London Walks now has a dedicated ghost walks site that's intelligent, witty, teasing, fun, a little bit cheeky, etc. 

Okay, nuts and bolts first.

This is the most haunted city on earth. There are things going bump in the night all over this town. So it's no surprise that there are half a dozen Ghost Walks in the London Walks repertory.

Indeed, London Walks does a Ghost Walk every single night of the year
(except Dec. 24 & 25).

They always start at 7.30 pm.

Here's the schedule:

On Monday night it's The West End Ghost Walk. It goes from EmbankmentTube at 7.30 pm. It's guided by Peter G.

On Tuesday night it's Ghosts of the Old City. It goes from just outside exit 2 of St. Paul'sTube at 7.30 pm. It's guided by Adam.

On Wednesday night it's Ghosts, Gaslight & Guinness. It goes from HolbornTube at 7.30 pm. It's guided by Richard III.

On Thursday night it's The West End Ghost Walk. It goes from EmbankmentTube at 7.30 pm. It's guided by Katy.

On Friday night it's Haunted London. It goes from just outside the Fish Street Hill exit of MonumentTube at 7.30 pm. It's guided by Steve or Corinna.

On Saturday night it's Ghosts of the Old City. It goes from just outside exit 2 of St. Paul'sTube at 7.30 pm. It's guided by Shaughan or Adam.

On Sunday night it's Haunted London. it goes from just outside the Fish Street Hill exit of MonumentTube at 7.30 pm. It's guided by Shaughan.

Those are the regularly scheduled ones. In addition, there are a couple of "specials" that get summoned from the vasty depths on an occasional basis: one in Greenwich (guided by Chris) and one in Wimbledon (guided by Dalianne). Dalianne, for the record, is a witch. Yes, you heard right – she's the genuine article. Though – just for the record this – her broomstick is an extremely flash, red Jaguar. Blonde hair blowing – well, you get the picture!

Now the immediately striking thing about the London Walks' Ghost Walks guides "line up" is that all the guides – Adam's the exception who proves the rule – are actors. Important? Or a coincidence? Yeah, you guessed it – it's the former. And the reason, quite simply, is it takes a special set of skills to make a ghost walk work. And what are those skills, those "ingredients"? Well, you can guess – the great voice, presence, perfect timing, conviction – let alone the sixth sense about exactly how far the envelope needs to be pushed. Actors have those abilities – most of the rest of us don't. Or at least don't have the whole package. Which is why if you get some amateur fronting a ghost walk it's not just a disappointment – it's worse, it's an embarrassment. It's just common sense, really. All you need to do is think back to your childhood – hearing ghost stories round the campfire. It was only the born story tellers – the ones who had the gift – let alone the great voice – who could bring it off. The upside of course is that when that sort of thing is done brilliantly – by pros, by people who know what they're doing – well, it's as good as it gets.

And that is why we've got professional performers fronting our ghost walks. And the proof of the pudding – well, see the JR note above. Or the note in the comments section about Richard III's ghost walk. Or the one about Russell's, etc. etc.

Or maybe this photo from a walker a while back:


Here's the accompanying note. (Caila and her team – it was an
office outing – had been on a private Apparitions, Alleyways & Ale walk
guided by Russell.last Friday.)

Just a little addition to your surplus of evidence. These photos weren’t even looked at until this afternoon when they were uploaded onto our office network. INCREDIBLE!!!

Thanks again!
Only thing I can add is that Russell will have just finished telling a ghost story at the other end of that bridge. And whatever that thing is nobody on the walk saw it. Indeed, they must have walked right through it. But the camera saw it. And it's not the first time something like this has happened...
It's just a little bit creepy – even to someone as resolutely Cartesian as me.