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Nobody does it better – Helena’s latest art history feast

Date post added: 6th August 2021

“the powers of darkness are at full strength”

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Women artists and women in art – saints, prostitutes, duchesses, etc.

Date post added: 9th May 2021

“red we associate with prostitution generally”

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Helena’s breathtaking virtuosity on Caravaggio’s ‘breathtaking virtuosity’

Date post added: 4th May 2021

“look more closely…the arm appears to be breaking the membrane of the canvas”

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“A completely satisfying visual [and aural] experience”

Date post added: 23rd April 2021

“Caravaggio isn’t just a brilliant artist, he’s a brilliant director”

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Tour de force – Helena on Caravaggio

Date post added: 15th April 2021

“his breaking down of the barrier between the picture plane and the viewer’s space in such a dramatic and intense way the viewer feels they are as much of a participant as a spectator to what is going on”

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Art Criticism as a Feast – Part II of Helena’s Exposition of Caravaggio

Date post added: 27th March 2021

“still life with substance, art imbued with a deeper meaning”

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Great guiding, great artist – Helena on Caravaggio, the artist in making

Date post added: 27th March 2021

“and boy did he like a good fight”

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“I feel as though the artist’s hands are coming out of the canvas towards me”

Date post added: 20th March 2021

“he was the Martin Scorsese of his day”

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Seeing a great painting with Simon’s eyes

Date post added: 16th March 2021

“if we get really close in we discover that there are lots of hidden secrets”

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Love in London – a Soupçon from Simon’s Valentine’s Day Virtual Tour

Date post added: 13th February 2021

“actually, it is in fact the 18th century equivalent of soft porn”

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Merry Christmas – here’s our Christmas gift to you

Date post added: 24th December 2020

“it was the only part of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation ceremony that was not televised – because of its sacred nature”

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Titian in the National Gallery

Date post added: 25th September 2020

“two paintings by the king of colour”

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Two of the World’s Greatest Paintings – Guided Brilliantly, Thrillingly

Date post added: 26th August 2020

Art criticism that “bears all the hallmarks of Helena Jones’ genius” (promise you, you’ll recognise that statement. And concur with it.). 

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Two famous National Gallery paintings – Helena’s brilliant commentary on them

Date post added: 22nd July 2020

“in a painting by Hogarth every detail matters”

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Revelation after Revelation – Margaret guiding in the National Gallery

Date post added: 13th July 2020

“the most important piece of furniture in any household was the great bed – it was like the car parked in the driveway”

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The National Gallery – a tour de force from art historian Molly

Date post added: 14th April 2020

Solved! Finally. The heist of the famous painting. The great art whodunnit.

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