Love in London – a Soupçon from Simon’s Valentine’s Day Virtual Tour

A soupçon from Simon’s Valentine’s Day weekend Love in London Virtual Tour.

In this tour de force of an extract Simon looks at a couple of famous “love paintings”, in particular Fragonard’s The Swing. As always, Simon sparkles. He’s fun, insightful, extremely well-informed and quotable in the extreme: “getting the full Sharon Stone moment”…the 18th-century equivalent of soft porn.”

N.B., that second or two of slurring that you hear on a couple of occasions is not testimony to Simon’s having raided the drinks cupboard – it’s his broadband misbehaving. It’s noticeable but rest assured it always rights itself a second or so later – like a car skidding round a corner and then getting its grip on the road a split second later.

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