Two of the World’s Greatest Paintings – Guided Brilliantly, Thrillingly

Nobody does this better than Helena. Art criticism that “bears all the hallmarks of Helena Jones’ genius” (promise you, you’ll recognise that statement. And concur with it.).

The paintings she opens up for us are two masterpieces by Hans Holbein: The Ambassadors and the full-length portrait of Christina of Denmark.

My recommendation is to bring up the paintings on your screen – The Ambassadors first and then Christina of Denmark – and look at them while Helena guides your eye (and your mind’s eye) across what you’re looking at.

You’ll come away – as I did – wanting to go to the National Gallery and see them for real – and listen to Helena again as you do. And you’ll come away longing for Helena to do this again and again. More paintings in the National Gallery, paintings in other London galleries. But also, for example, the two Holbeins in the Frick in New York City that she refers to in passing.

I think – I hope – I’ll be able to persuade her to give us more. More in this podcast vein. And, one day, the first of, I hope, many art appreciation/art history virtual tours.

Click here to bring up The Ambassadors

Click here to bring up Christina of Denmark

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  1. Elizabeth Atkins says:

    Thank you so much, Helena, for these interesting and in-depth discussions of these two amazing paintings. I thoroughly enjoyed your talk.

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