Nobody does it better – Helena’s latest art history feast

Helena is back! Serving up the first of five courses in her latest history-art appreciation-art criticism feast. This is Helena’s scene-setter for her detailed – and thrilling – “reading” of Caravaggio’s The Taking of Christ.

Personal note here. I’ve “taken” two of the Art History courses in the American Great Courses programme. Helena’s are better. Better, in this case, than the offerings by an Art History Professor at a first-rank American university and an eminent Smithsonian Institute art specialist. Have a listen and you’ll see what I mean.

Usual recommendation: do a quick Google and bring up the paintings Helena talks about. Look at them (refer to them) occasionally as you listen to her talk.

And – such good news this – we’ve talked her into doing her thing – her extremely high level art history/art criticism/art appreciation – as an occasional virtual tour. It’ll be a while yet – but the gestation period has begun. We are of course thrilled.


“Giotto’s artistic vocabulary”

“the viewer not only believes themselves to be there but feels they are a participant in the action”

“a moment becomes an eternity”

“their sense of theatricality”

“the betrayal of an innocent man”

“the powers of darkness are at full strength”

“a visual aid to the spiritual dimension”

“clever use of lighting”

“detailed information of a practical nature”

“the two artists’ two objectives”

“the full drama and emotional core”

“the main focus of their painting”

“they ask awkward questions as well”

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