Merry Christmas – here’s our Christmas gift to you

Helena give us the Wilton Diptych. ‘Transforms it from a work of delight to a work of sublime beauty.’

Which is by way of saying: these 36 minutes set out the finest piece of art appreciation – art history, art criticism – I (David) have ever encountered.

Another way of putting that: what Helena says of the creator of the Wilton Diptych – ‘the virtuosity of the artist is simply breathtaking’ – can equally be said of what she (Helena) has created, given us, here. Her, Helena’s, ‘virtuosity is simply breathtaking.’

Listening to her – so learned, calm, intelligent, assured, in love with her subject – I finally got it about this painting. ‘The way it’s structured, ‘the gilding and handling of the paint,’ the back story that informs it, how to read it, ‘what to look for’, etc.

Coda and Practicals. This piece – our very best – is our Christmas gift to you. Get a cup of tea or coffee, sit back, bring the painting up and, well, go where Helena takes you. On the way Christmas Day 2020 will be transfigured.

Here’s the best link:


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