Tour de force – Helena on Caravaggio

Glad tidings. Two more of Helena’s brilliant art commentaries coming here, to The London Walks Daily Podcast. They will discuss, in turn, Carravaggio’s “The Supper at Emmaus” and “The Taking of Christ.” This podcast is Helena’s preamble, her scene-setter to those two commentaries.  As always with Helena’s talks, this piece, albeit a “preamble”, is a rich, inspiring, wonderfully informative and nourishing listen. They’re assured, insightful, unfailingly intelligent and beautifully delivered.


“to discover how the paintings draw you in”

“you may not like the works but it’s hard not to be moved by them”

“art can change your view of the world and humanity”

“The Supper at Emmaus”

“The Taking of Christ”

“people came from all over Europe to see the works of this revolutionary artist”

“the collective murmur of astonishment among the crowds at seeing Carravvagio’s work for the very first time”

“his unusual and somewhat controversial depiction of Christ”

“his breaking down of the barrier between the picture plane and the viewer’s space in such a dramatic and intense way”

“the viewer  feels they are as much of a participant as a spectator to what is going on”




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