Pub Walks


The Along the Thames Pub Walk


Q. What’s a pub walk?

A. It’s a normal London Walk but it takes a bit longer – half an hour or so – because we work anywhere from one to four pubs into the mix. Pub walks are convivial. They’re a completely natural social situation. They’re a chance to sit down, a chance for some refreshment. What’s not to like?

Q. Sounds fun. When do they take place?

A. Pretty much every night of the week (see below).


Mondays it’s Old Westminster by Gaslight

Tuesdays it’s  The Ancient City at Night  

Wednesdays it’s  Hidden Pubs  of Old London Town/(only in our summer season, May 1 – October 31) and

Fridays year-round  – every single Friday night – it’s The Along the Thames Pub Walk


More video anyone?