Margarita is Russian, fetching and fascinated by the London that so profoundly shaped the Russia of her great-grandparents. Historian Robert Service excepted, she's the most qualified person on this good green earth of ours to guide a London 1902 – 1916Seedbed of the Russian Revolution walk. Extremely well-read in both countries' historical literature and tack sharp, she has an MSc in International Relations (it was her programme of studies that brought her to London over a decade ago). She's got the acclimated, settled-in, "gets it", well-established immigrant's invaluable "double perspective." Which is by way of saying, she knows and loves her adopted city very well and has the advantage of viewing it, appraising it – when appropriate – through the lens of her native "seedbeds" of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Anything else? Yes, she's completely bi-lingual: could effortlessly translate in the U.N. or at a summit. 



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