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Virtual  1620: In the Wake of the Mayflower Four Hundred Years on

Last year marked the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower and its `Pilgrims’ from England to the New World.

What was essentially the final attempt of a small group of religious separatists to find a safe place where they could worship freely has become became an epic story, renowned for its themes of freedom and humanity and celebrated not just in America but in the UK, where it all began. 

Most of the celebrations on both sides of the Atlantic, including 14 cities and towns in England, the USA and in the Netherlands, to mark the quadricentennial of the voyage and the establishment of Plymouth Colony were cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, but some have now been rescheduled for mid-2021.

Let the festivities (finally) begin! Join Blue Badge Tourist Guide and Lonely Planet guidebook writer Steve Fallon, who grew up just down the road from the `other’ Plymouth, on this dramatic voyage, that starts in quiet backwaters of Nottinghamshire and ends in an inhospitable snowbound New England.

Along the way, our heroes are pursued by self-righteous Anglicans, tempted by unholy Dutch ways, plagued by saboteurs mid-Atlantic, decimated by starvation and disease in their new home and both assisted and then threatened by the rightful owners: Native Americans.

It’s a saga involving struggle, setback and tragedy but – spoiler alert – one that has a (mostly) happy ending.


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