NEW Rock’n’Roll London for June 2021

Date post added: 26th May 2021

Wednesdays – Rock’n’Roll London – The Story of Rock & Pop

7 pm on June 2 from Tottenham Court Road Tube, exit 1

This new series is the most comprehensive history of pop and rock music in the West End ever assembled by a London tour guide.

7 pm on June 9 from Tottenham Court Road Tube, exit 1

Over four Wednesday nights and four different walking tours we’ll trace the locations central to the music from skiffle to Britpop.

7 pm on June 16 from Baker Street Tube, Marylebone Road exit

There will be live music + we’ll be stopping at the pub along the way.

7 pm on June 23 from Bond Street Tube, Marylebone Lane exit
(by Disney Store, north side of Oxford Street)

Meet your guide, here’s a fun podcast (interview) Adam’s just done on these tours. The rock ‘n’ roll stuff comes in the second half of the podcast. He warms up with remarks about 1) daftness (eccentricity), especially of the Edinburgh variety, and football.

And here’s Adam’s main Meet Your Guide interview.

David Tucker

David Tucker

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