Daftness, Football & Rock ‘n’ Roll – What’s Not To Like?

“the genteel old lady jumps up on the table and dances dances a can can and shows us her drawers”

“how did the citizens of Edinburgh express their insanity”

“your grammar would reveal that you’re from North America”

“I wrote a book about Scottish football trivia”

“remarkable British women”

“it’s freezing here in London”

“once in a while eccentricity is woven into the fabric of Edinburgh”

“modernity and pre-history”

“get a job as a referee”

“breakaway super league”

“it’s been in the ether for 50 years”

“it’s about more than economics, it’s about heritage and identity”

“all to do with making money and all to do with big business”

“go where the money is”

“Roy Keane describing corporate supporters as ‘the prawn sandwich eaters'”

“the audience for football has changed”

“it’s an audience today, before it was a crowd”

“the only place where Franco couldn’t stop them speaking Catalan was inside the stadium”

“these days it’s got English legs”

“back in the beginning”

“the most comprehensive history of rock ‘n’ roll ever done”

“we’ll get into unexpected corners of the West End”

“I feel like I’ve been unchained from a lunatic”



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