Linguist. Speaks 4 languages fluently, Spent many years conducting tours for Americans around Italy. Her guests – every last one of them – rave about her friendliness, passion for travel and history, and great story-telling. In love with London and the Mediterranean. Her thing about the Mediterranean is so deep-rooted she was surprised to discover her heritage is almost 100% English. Traced her family back – had herself DNA’d – and struggled to find even a hint of Irish or Scottish. She says salt of the earth true English – we say thoroughbred. She says sadly not nobility or none that she’s found yet – we say, thank goodness for that. Loves living in London, her home for 30 years. In her words, ‘revels in the history of this amazing city. I especially love where I live… SW London with its royal connections, historic sites and green spaces.’ In our words: you couldn’t be in better hands, folks. You’ve won the Guiding Lottery if you draw Anna.

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