Goodge Street Tube | Map

Guided by Richard IV

"Compliments of the season!" A goose and a hat are lost in a scuffle at a street corner. But where, which street corner?  A suspect spends time in a museum. But why?  An investigation leads to a famous market. But how?  We follow the criss-crossing paths of Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson as they solve their only original Christmas-time case, and Arthur Conan Doyle as he reaches a crisis in his professional life. Where did the detective acquire his famous Stradivarius violin? Where was the 'Alpha' public house which briefly hosted a hidden jewel? Where did Holmes himself live before he moved to 221b? Throw in a film location which links a silent screen Holmes and modern-day Sherlock, a fine house where one of Conan Doyle's greatest friends lived, a theatre where the sleuth made a triumphant Return on stage in the 1920s, and you have the recipe for this affectionate festive offering from the glory days of the Great Detective. Guided by Richard IV.