UCL Geologist Ruth's Winter Walks

Date post added: 14 September 2017

Stories in Stones! UCL Geologist Ruth is going to do three Urban Geology Walks for us in the Winter 2017-18 London Walks programme. All three of them are now up on the www.walks.com mast and flapping away merrily in the breeze.

First one's up. It'll go on Saturday, January 20. At 2.30 pm from Embankment Tube. You can read about it here

And here's the second one. It'll go on Saturday, February 10. At 2.30 pm from Bank Tube, exit 1. You can read about it here

And here's the third. It's brand spanking new and it's got the best title ever: Mountain Building & Meteorites in the City of London. It goes on Saturday, March 24. At 2.30 pm from Aldgate Tube. You can read about it here.

Anything else? Yes (and make no mistake, we're not going to hide our lamp under a bushel here, why should we) only with London Walks do you get taken round by accomplished professionals: a distinguished geologist (Ruth), a barrister, a doctor, archaeologists, a criminal defence lawyer, museum curators, the former Editor of ITN, an RSC actor, the creme de la creme of Blue Badge Guides, etc.