London Walks Podcasts - Destinations – Paris, Rome, Venice, etc.

When a swastika flag hung at the Arc de Triomphe

Date post added: 5th May 2021

“the kind of strange universe that was Paris during the Second World War”

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Turkey’s Turquoise Coast – Lonely Planet author Steve takes us there

Date post added: 2nd May 2021

“the sunken city”

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Paris in the 1920s – Paris Walks guide Chris takes us there

Date post added: 29th April 2021

“they still have the original bar there where Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald met”

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Hors d’oeuvre from Hemingway’s Paris in the Jazz Age

Date post added: 26th April 2021

“a new generation emerges, the so-called ‘lost generation'”

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Shakespeare’s Stratford – Simon Shows Us Round

Date post added: 23rd April 2021

“the internal structure of the house – the wattle and daub – they’ve exposed it, so you can actually see it”

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The Last Public Guillotining in France – Paris Walks Guide Chris Reports

Date post added: 5th April 2021

“when the head landed in the basket and sneezed”

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The French Revolution – by Paris Walks guide Chris Spence

Date post added: 18th March 2021

“Iceland can be partly blamed for causing the French Revolution”

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Andiamo a Napoli with Chris

Date post added: 2nd March 2021

“I thought we’d do something a little bit more quirky this evening”

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A Paris Walk – Welcome to Montmartre

Date post added: 27th February 2021

“before Montmartre was the principal red-light district of Paris it was one of the holiest places in France”

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Anna takes us to Florence

Date post added: 14th February 2021

“if Michaelangelo can create the Pietà which is two figures out of marble, I can create three”

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Ah, bliss! To be in Venice – Anna takes us there

Date post added: 27th January 2021

“and now we’re going to turn and we’re going to head up the canal”

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The Eternal City – Anna shows us round Rome

Date post added: 23rd January 2021

“this really was the heart of ancient Rome”

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Salisbury – Grab from the Virtual Tour

Date post added: 17th November 2020

“what a fantastic site the castle had and what a rubbish site the cathedral had”

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