Shakespeare’s Stratford – Simon Shows Us Round

Simon gave this Shakespeare’s Anniversary, Shakespeare’s Stratford [virtual] tour to a worldwide audience on April 23* 2021.

This excerpt is the overture and Act I, scene I. In the overture Simon “lays out” Stratford for us – Shakespeare’s Stratford and Stratford today – and explains where we’ll be going. In Act I, scene i he takes us along the High Street to Shakespeare’s birthplace. It’s always called ‘the birthplace’ but it’s so much more than that – it’s the house Shakespeare grew up in, lived in until he was a young adult. We take a good look at the exterior. Simon shows us how to “read” the physical particulars of the house – its timber framing, its wattle and daub construction, its additions, the tannery out behind, etc. Then he takes us inside.

*April 23 is of course the great “triple anniversary” – it’s St. George’s Day, it is believed to be the date of Shakespeare’s birth and it is without a doubt the date of Shakespeare’s death (yes, he died on his 52nd birthday). That the great national poet and playwright was born and died on St. George’s Day – St. George, the patron saint of England – the fittingness of that cannot be improved upon.


“Thank you, Simon. That was wonderful” Joan

“Thank you, it was wonderful” Diane

“That was fantastic!!!” Nina

“Wow, Simon! Fabulous! Thank you so much.” Mira

“That was truly terrific! Thank you!” Katherine G.

“Thank you – was last in Stratford in 2019, enjoyed the return visit” Kyle

“Thanks for the very interesting tour!” Kathy

“Brilliant Simon! I learned so much!” Wanda

“That was fabulous, Simon; thank you so much” Joanne R.

“Thank you for a wonderful tour. I’m looking forward to part two!” Grit E.

“That was brilliant Simon!! Thanks so much. Looking forward to Act II!!” Len P.

“It was a fantastic tour.” Antonella della F.





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