The French Revolution – by Paris Walks guide Chris Spence

It’s impossible to listen to Christopher Spence (of Paris Walks) and not want to go on a walking tour with him, impossible to listen to this podcast about his French Revolution Walk (or his French Revolution Virtual Tour) and not want to go on it with him. So here’s a parfait advancer, something to whet your appetite for Christopher’s upcoming French Revolution Virtual Tour. À lattaque Christopher!  Which will be hosted here on – just follow this link


“the French Revolution courses through their veins”

“a century squeezed into a decade”

“coup d’etat”

“very much alive and present in the 21st century”

“many of the addresses survive today”

“those seismic events”

the fabric of the Republic, many of its institutions, they owe their existence to the French Revolution”

“they inhabited a strange and dangerous universe”

“they did odd things”

“100 seconds to the revolutionary minute”

“a wine-cask storage depot”

“the new gods”

“a perfect storm”

“intriguing scars and traces that are still there”

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