Virtual  The French Revolution – 1789

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14 July 2021 Special 7 pm 8.30 pm Summer
A lattaque! Click here for the best ever brief introduction to the French Revolution. Mais oui, it’s by Paris Walks guide Christopher.
1789 sounded the death knell for the Old Regime. Key events played out in Paris and this tour brings a fascinating period to life.

One of the most dramatic episodes in the history of France and the traces are still visible on the streets of Paris if you know where to look. We will track down the haunts where major actors of the Revolutionary period lived, died or simply hung out. The star cast includes the likes of Danton, Robespierre, Louis XVI and Marie- Antoinette and even a young Napoléon Bonaparte.

The Procope café was a hang-out for the likes of Danton, Marat and Benjamin Franklin. It also has an intriguing link with Napoléon Bonaparte…

We will virtually visit the address where Madame Tussaud did her apprenticeship in waxwork modelling during the Revolution-taking wax impressions from the faces of guillotine victims!

Louis XVI- one of the factors that allowed the revolution to get out of hand-he suffered from the fatal flaw of indecisiveness.

Chris Spence is a licensed tour guide who has been living in Paris for 25 years. He has written articles on Parisian history and culture and appeared on BBC radio and several documentaries. He is a passionate amateur paleontologist as well as a musician and songwriter.


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