Turkey’s Turquoise Coast – Lonely Planet author Steve takes us there

Lonely Planet guidebook author and ace Blue Badge Guide Steve Fallon talks about his most exotic virtual tour: Turkey’s Turquoise Coast – Meanders Both Ancient and Sacred. Should come with a warning: to listen to this podcast is to have the matter decided for you: 1) you’ll have an overpowering urge to go on this virtual tour; and 2) it’ll settle the matter instanta – you’ll get planning a trip to this part of Turkey.


“a beautiful four-bedroom house overlooking the Mediterranean”

“Turkey’s Turquoise Coast – Meanders Both Ancient and Sacred”

“there are all sorts of reasons to go to this area of Turkey”

“Turkey’s longest beach”

“first mention they get is in Homer”

“beautiful little towns’

“some of the best restaurants in Turkey outside of Istanbul”

“this area boasts the largest collection of ancient ruins in Turkey”

“an absolute embarrassment of ancient ruins”

“we haven’t completely decoded the language”

“I’ve done that section of the Turkey guide [in Lonely Planet] twice”

“when they see the monument they’re absolutely astonished”

“the sunken city”

“this tour is image-driven”

“the riches of ruins contained in this small area is mind-boggling”

“the cliff tombs look like a honeycomb way up on the mountain”

“my friend Omer will be appearing on the tour”

“it feels like you’re driving on the water”

“azure blue”

“I entered a film set”

“there are superb restaurants”

“you get a lot of mileage to your pound or your dollar”

“it has everything”

“St. Paul and Luke changed boats here”

“the birthplace of St. Nicholas who just happens to be Santa Claus”

“bulb flowers originated in Turkey – the hills are awash with them”

“it was one of those countries who went from smoke signals to the internet”

“I’ve worked on five editions of the book”

“I’ve done every single coastline in Turkey”




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