London Walks Podcasts

The holy of holies – Andy got to see it, interviewed its guardian

Date post added: 23rd April 2020

Up close with the rarest of the rare (quiz question: Shakespeare’s First Folio, the Kennedy assassination, Harry Potter – what are the connections?

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How London got rich – a London Mayor reveals all

Date post added: 22nd April 2020

“Cash flow runs deep, but spirit deeper…”

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Karen honours a robust and hardy Londoner

Date post added: 21st April 2020

“she has listened to the voices on city breezes borne”

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“What were you doing when the lockdown came?” – Richard III remembers

Date post added: 20th April 2020

Richard III’s play was about to open… it was the technical rehearsal…

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Wodehouse’s London – Brought to you by Audiobook Performer Richard Burnip

Date post added: 19th April 2020

Welcome to the sunlit streets of Wodehouse’s London

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Get to know your London Walks guide – Here’s Richard Walker

Date post added: 18th April 2020

“He sounds like Paul McCartney…”

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Steeped in the splendour of Lance’s voice these beautiful words…

Date post added: 17th April 2020

Walking with Wordsworth and “The Voice” (Lance). And into the bargain, a thrilling – and deeply satisfying – piece of literary detective work…

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“their music is part of your story” – Adam on guiding music tours

Date post added: 16th April 2020

“back and forth she crossed, scattering ashes on the Abbey Road crosswalk”

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The National Gallery – a tour de force from art historian Molly

Date post added: 14th April 2020

Solved! Finally. The heist of the famous painting. The great art whodunnit.

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Schitt’s Creek without the Roses – David on Kensington

Date post added: 13th April 2020

David gets in on the act– comes crashing in – on Kensington. This is his first podcast – shocking in places – but you’ll learn some good stuff.

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