The Old Jewish Quarter – Shaughan shows us round

“even on ze bus is love” – oak staircases and gas-lamps still working on the wall – “it’s okay dear, it’s been circumcised” – churches would deliberately elect Jews to be church wardens, it was a racket – a small little inscription with a scroll behind it – “I used to learn ‘ebrew in the front room here” – Poor Jewry Street – Spanish and Jewish, a double whammy – ‘fings ain’t wot they used to be’ – the flashpoint of revolution – that great priapic thing sticking up there – “half the gentlemen of this House are not idiots” – 5461 anno mundi – not allowed to carry arms – he called the Holy Ark a linen cupboard – could only engage in two trades – “he described the East End as ‘an evil plexus of slums that hide creeping things'” – red meant Christian, blue meant Jewish – the old soup kitchen – anti-semitic propaganda – first boxer to flit like a butterfly and sting like a bee – secretly continued to practise their Jewish faith – the columns represent the tribes of Israel – the various famous seats in the synagogue – she described him as “a great Englishman and a great Jew” – the royal milch cow – red Roman bonding tiles – “conspired to poison the Queen through her bottom” – plate in the ground with a fiddle on it – Welcome to Bevis Marks – indicates this was a weaver’s house…


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