No London, no Frankenstein – Adam makes us see it (and hear it)

“It’s alive…it’s alive…it’s alive.” It’s the Ghosts of the Old City Virtual Tour. Stalking your way. Every Saturday evening from May 2 onward. “It’s alive, it’s alive, it’s alive” – as well as “we won’t know unless we try” and “now I know what it feels like to be God” – is also of course, indeed originally – Frankenstein. So, sure enough, in preparation for the Ghosts of the Old City Virtual Tour Adam has been doing some research, he’s been staying up late, he’s been watching horror movies, he’s been watching FRANKENSTEIN. It’s “not only illegal it’s immoral” – it’s patients recovering from strokes – it’s “bug-eyed and driven” – it’s “an execution, a dead body snatched and a perfectly good brain smashed in a jar and swapped for a damaged one” – it’s “I warn you” – it’s lightning harnessed – it’s platform shoes each weighing the equivalent of five standard bags of sugar from the supermarket – it’s how it gets its effects (hint: the absence of music) – it’s an atavistic overhanging brow – it’s alive, it’s alive, it’s alive. Last but not least – we are London Walks after all – it is so London. No London, no Frankenstein, it’s that simple, that stark, that horrifying. You’re in for a good listen, ladies and gentlemen. And if you can make it – hope you can – in for a good Virtual Ghost Walk on Saturday night, May 2 (or any Saturday night thereafter – the lightning’s been harnessed, the living thing is abroad, stalks the land, will be there moving about in London – and inside your head, wherever you are. Here’s the creaking door through which you’ll pass.)




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