Village in Piccadilly – Karen serves up a feast for the senses

One of London’s secret doors – specialising in only the high quality and bespoke – a trail of flung pearls – five interiors – Winston Churchill’s favourite cheesemonger – bewitching tranquillity – for dessert, we swing by the official royal chocolatier – old fashioned covered shopping arcades twinkle on every corner – upholstered in elegant powder-blue velvet – directly above us the dressing room, you can see the costumes hanging in the window – classical baroque interior – Her Majesty’s favourite – handmade gentleman’s shirts in every colour of the rainbow – exclusive escape route – all gleaming stucco and gold acanthus leaves – champagne truffles – etc. There’s no walk more sensual than this. All five senses are catered to. Something else, listening to this it’s howlingly obvious why Travel & Leisure put Karen in the pantheon of “the world’s greatest guides.”  What’s more, it goes every Monday afternoon from May 4th onward as a Virtual Tour. If you’d like to go on it, here’s the link:



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