London Walks Podcasts

When Horses Ran London – an 1890s canter with Charlie

Date post added: 2nd May 2020

When horses ran London – left us an amazing legacy – plenty still to see if you know where – and how – to look

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“I love snooping about” By Richard (he of the red cap and dulciloquent voice)

Date post added: 1st May 2020

“Do you like auctions?… The hammer finally came down in my favour…You can almost hear the crowds shouting and the laughter and shrieks of the children and smell the smoke coming from the cannons that have been fired”

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Disastrous London – by Citlalli (1st in English, then in Spanish!)

Date post added: 30th April 2020

“Black Death pits set under well-groomed gardens where people have their lunch, blissfully unaware of the horrors that lie at their feet…”

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The Ultimate Harry Potter Walk – with Hagrid (actor Richard Walker)

Date post added: 29th April 2020

“Words, Harry, are, in my not so humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic”

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Village in Piccadilly – Karen serves up a feast for the senses

Date post added: 28th April 2020

“one of London’s secret doors..old fashioned covered arcades twinkle on every corner…for dessert we swing by the official Royal Chocolatier (and we don’t just look, we taste)”

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No London, no Frankenstein – Adam makes us see it (and hear it)

Date post added: 27th April 2020

“an execution, a dead body snatched, a perfectly good brain smashed into a jar and swapped for a damaged one”

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Meet your guide – the London mayor

Date post added: 26th April 2020

“a lovely, unforgettable moment was the time in the British Museum when a guy went down on his knees and asked his girlfriend to marry him”

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The Old Jewish Quarter – Shaughan shows us round

Date post added: 25th April 2020

“it’s okay dear, it’s been circumcised”

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“it was a total and utter disaster” – Steve on Sailor Town

Date post added: 24th April 2020

“Ships from all over the world, old sugar mill now a famous pub, Oliver Twist and stars”

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The holy of holies – Andy got to see it, interviewed its guardian

Date post added: 23rd April 2020

Up close with the rarest of the rare (quiz question: Shakespeare’s First Folio, the Kennedy assassination, Harry Potter – what are the connections?

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