Teleported. It’s 1673. We’re in the oldest botanic garden in London.

It’s Anna who’s whisked us to the Chelsea of 350 years ago. Whisked us to Hans Sloane’s Physic Garden. Here – this is a podcast after all – we’re eavesdropping. Eavesdropping on the first course of a banquet of colour in a world of green. Yes, this is an audio recording of the first few minutes of Anna’s London’s Gardens – Botanic to Urban Virtual Tour.

It’s called London’s Gardens but it ranges round the world and across the centuries. From the ancients to tomorrow and from Australia and China and Tahiti to Chelsea and Kew and the City.

Here, havens of beauty; onward, oases of tranquillity; close by, corners of history, science, medicine, biography and conservation.

You’re in for a treat. This time of the year, darkness closing in, these gardens – this world of green and blossom – it’s a blessing.

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