London Walks Podcasts

THE LONDON EYE – Stephanie takes us for a spin

Date post added: 10th June 2020

“32 carriages, one for each of London’s 32 boroughs”

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London Walks guide interviews the first man on the moon

Date post added: 7th June 2020

“They took all of us to the moon…I was never quite as cool as Armstrong was”

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Brussels, dawn, October 12th, 1915 – David takes aim

Date post added: 5th June 2020

“a woman in central London being executed by a firing squad”

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The woman who faced a firing squad – Laura’s personal connection

Date post added: 3rd June 2020

“dog Jack thought the nurses were sheep and tried to round them up”

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Isobel’s fireworks display of astonishing South London women

Date post added: 1st June 2020

“she was buried in a £5,000 Zandra Rhodes dress stolen from Harrods”

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The Tomb of the Unknown Warrior – Brian bows our heads

Date post added: 31st May 2020

“the sound of the explosion could be heard clearly in London”

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A horsehair pancake fight – Shaughan on Westminster

Date post added: 30th May 2020

“prime ministers have mistresses left, right and centre”

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Barrister Tom Looses His Dry Wit on Notting Hill & Portobello Market

Date post added: 29th May 2020

“he exited a shop with three pairs of women’s red knickers that he hadn’t paid for”

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“All we need to do is look a bit closer” – Jan looks a bit closer

Date post added: 28th May 2020

“let’s walk back in time”

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Date post added: 27th May 2020

“the strangest, bizarrest bit of London”

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