London Walks Podcasts

Wodehouse’s London – Brought to you by Audiobook Performer Richard Burnip

Date post added: 19th April 2020

Welcome to the sunlit streets of Wodehouse’s London

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Get to know your London Walks guide – Here’s Richard Walker

Date post added: 18th April 2020

“He sounds like Paul McCartney…”

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Steeped in the splendour of Lance’s voice these beautiful words…

Date post added: 17th April 2020

Walking with Wordsworth and “The Voice” (Lance). And into the bargain, a thrilling – and deeply satisfying – piece of literary detective work…

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“their music is part of your story” – Adam on guiding music tours

Date post added: 16th April 2020

“back and forth she crossed, scattering ashes on the Abbey Road crosswalk”

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The National Gallery – a tour de force from art historian Molly

Date post added: 14th April 2020

Solved! Finally. The heist of the famous painting. The great art whodunnit.

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Schitt’s Creek without the Roses – David on Kensington

Date post added: 13th April 2020

David gets in on the act– comes crashing in – on Kensington. This is his first podcast – shocking in places – but you’ll learn some good stuff.

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What you’re about to hear will bring the sunshine breezing back into your life

Date post added: 12th April 2020

“Love sonnets read by Ruth, she of the divine voice – re-sunshines your life”

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What a very very lucky person you are – Ann on tea, rats & the king of chefs

Date post added: 11th April 2020

A culinary and historical feast, this will have you skipping like the high hills. To say nothing of salivating and gorging. And queuing up for Ann’s Foodies’ London walks when they’re back.

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Karen has privileged access to London’s most storied restaurant

Date post added: 10th April 2020

Let’s hear it for privileged access. Taking us in just before it opens – it’s like going backstage just before the curtain rises – “the world’s greatest guide” shows us round, upstairs and downstairs, London’s oldest, classiest, most storied restaurant.

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“Where they watch the clouds” – Fiona takes us there

Date post added: 9th April 2020

“I could listen to this beautiful woman all day”

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