Jack the Ripper – Numero Uno in a New Podcast Series

As we say about actor, adventurer and guide Richard Walker, “he has a past.” This podcast is a chance to meet him – hear about that extraordinary past. And find out what he’s doing now. Richard’s a trailblazer. Covid – Lockdown – prompted him to rethink and revamp his Jack the Ripper Walk. Richard’s is the more expensive, guaranteed small group walk that starts at 7 pm on Friday nights from Whitechapel Tube. It has to be booked. And prepaid.

Richard’s walk has not replaced our main – 7.30 pm every* night from Tower Hill Tube – Ripper Walk. It complements it. It does it differently.

In which connection, Richard’s going to do a podcast series for us on various aspects of the case. This is the first of those podcasts.

*Except December 24th and December 25th. Oh, and in addition to the nightly 7.30 pm Ripper walk, there’s also a 3 pm matinee every Saturday (except Dec. 24 and Dec. 25).

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