Find out more about everything you’ll be eating on December 25th

This one’s – well – a feast. It’s by Ann of course. Ann’s the London Walks Chef Supreme in matters culinary. She’s created a new Christmas Foodies walk. This podcast is a “tasting.” Everything from what King John ordered for his Christmas din dins in the early 13th century to what a 19th-century French visitor thought of our Christmas pudding (surely it won’t come as a surprise to learn that he did not approve).

And– this also goes without saying – this one, like all of Ann’s, is whipped up, cooked and served up to perfection. She did this professionally for the BBC for many years and we, all of us, get the benefit of those years of experience and expertise.

Eating ChristmasAnn’s new Christmas Foodies walk – goes at 10.45 am on the following December 2020 dates: Saturday, December 12th; Wednesday, December 16th; and Tuesday, December 22nd.

Meet Ann just outside Exit 3 (by the Wellington statue) of Bank Underground Station.

Victory Lap Pronouncement:  the tour’s worth the price of admission just to find out what an Alderman in His Chains of Office was/is. Or, for that matter, just how indebted we are to an enterprising 16th century Yorkshireman, a true visionary if there ever was one!

Like what you hear? Why not join Ann on one of her food tours?


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