This excursion will be back soon. In the meantime we’d be happy to organise a private tour for you. Please contact us on 020 7624 3978 | to make a booking.

Flying Carpets, Calligraphy, Caliphates – Islamic Art at the V & A

South Kensington underground station, London (meet just beyond the ticket barrier)

Guided by Dr Barry

Short version: Another world. (Though worlds plural is more accurate.) Another people (peoples). Another culture (cultures). Another art. Another way of looking at and making sense of the world. Opens up whole vistas.

Bottom line version: Another London Walk where you'll see the invisible. And understand the inscrutable. 

Quick survey version: the world's greatest carpet; priceless rock crystal ewer; lustre ceramics (how they evolved); exquisite carved ivory caskets; the evolution of burnished metal works of the Mamlukes in old Cairo; designs based on nature and geometry rather than the human figure; calligraphy that will stop you in your tracks; and… (well, the collection ranges across centuries and across a vast sweep of the earth's surface, so you get the idea).