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“Inside” the Knowledge Quarter

Russell Square underground station, London

Guided by Alison

Short version. Behold the bricolage. Look at it. And then look at each other with a wild surmise.

Long version. The Knowledge Quarter. Well and truly inside it. If the British Museum, the British Library and the University of London are the two pieces of bread and the cheese of the sandwich, these three little museums are the condiments. They're not well known – their "footfall" is a fine track in the snow compared to the stockyards, the stampede grounds – but they're delightful, even thrilling. With the added plus of getting to see stuff that the hordes never get to see. And the stuff you see – the objects – well, looking at them you see back through time. "Weird and apparently unrelated objects – African spears, chamber pots, slot machines…" To say nothing of a mouse-deer skeleton, a bisected red panda head, Sea Squirts, the Death's-head Hawkmoth, the Tasmanian Tiger and the Dodo. Let alone the Pot Burial, the Mummy Portraits and the Dancing Girl Cosmetic Spoon. Well, you get the idea. And there's even some double teaming on this tour – it's guided by Alison and a couple of the museum curators.