Cat Tails – A Feline Take on London History

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Westminster Underground station, London (exit 4, opposite Big Ben)

Guided by Ann

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7 July 2024 Special 10.30 am 12.30 pm Summer Reserve Online
8 August 2024 Special 10.45 am 12.45 pm Summer Reserve Online
8 September 2024 Special 10.30 am 12.30 pm Summer Reserve Online

Here’s Ann’s delightful podcast introduction to the Cat Tails walk.

“Cats keeping dogs in their place” – Ann’s Flipside Purrfect Podcast about Cats

And This Makes Three, Giving Us a Clowder of Cat Podcasts

Ok, that’s got you in the mood, let’s paws for a word from Freud and then on to the walk

“Time spent with cats is never wasted,” Sigmund Freud.

Which national heroine had 60 cats? Who had his late cat’s paw mounted on a letter opener? Which cat ate Princess Margaret’s bouquet?

Enjoy these and other feline delicacies on a walk which combines places, people and the cats who lived there.

Including, of course, Larry of Downing St. and his predecessors.

21 reviews for Cat Tails – A Feline Take on London History

  1. Jette Porsborg

    If you love cats this is definitely the right walk for you. Ann has really done her research, and she’s a brilliant narrator and guide.

  2. Sally McCulloch

    Excellent walk and Ann really knows her history about cats – I didn’t know there were so many famous cats in the London area where we were walking. Ann also showed us some lovely photos of the cats and their owners and some hilarious stories. If you are a cat lover then this walk is definitely for you.

  3. Jill & Tony

    Really enjoyed this walk. Our guide was very informed and entertaining. She had clearly done a great deal of research on felines connected to places on the walk. Loved popping into the Savoy and the story of Kaspar. The Actors’ Church made for the perfect end to the walk.

  4. Jane Hills

    This is a light-hearted stroll through some of London’s past and more recent history, with the focus very much on felines. Ann certainly knows many stories of cats from past to present who have ingratiated themselves with suitably important humans, including Winston Churchill and Florence Nightingale. You will hear all about the cats who continue to occupy high profile and senior positions in our City. Ann has plenty of photos, but cats being what they are, you will be lucky to catch sight of one. At the end of the tour if you are very lucky, you might just see the cats who have made their home in St Paul’s Covent Garden – the actors’ church. Despite some extraordinary noise enroute, traffic, loudspeakers and alarms, everyone seemed to enjoy the walk and of course, as a group of cat lovers, were keen to compare notes on their own furry friends.

  5. Anne C.

    Re Cats Tails 7th February.
    Just had to say how much I enjoyed this walk. It was one of the best walks I have joined, and that is saying something because they have all been wonderful. Cats Tails was both informative and great fun, with a lovely group of people which included someone from Cats Protection who was there to write an article about the walk. Thank you, Ann. Brilliant

  6. Judith Phillips

    Ann has put together an excellent and entertaining walk that is filled with interesting facts about London cats and their owners, including the current cat inhabitant at 10 Downing Street. Cat lovers and non-cat lovers will enjoy the stories and photos that Ann has found.

  7. Francesca

    Such a wonderful walk led by the very knowledgeable Ann. The two hours whizzed past. I thought I knew a lot about famous cats but there were quite a few things I learnt that day. No matter how many loud distractions that just happened to start up as Ann began her stories (police sirens, Big Ben, demonstrations, lawn mowers) she was not put off, and it all added to the hustle and bustle that London is. So many amazing felines in just one city. This tour is a must for anyone that loves cats.

  8. Celia Hyde

    Wasn’t sure what to expect, cats greeting us at every street corner? But these were cats who feature in London’s history right up to the present day. Anne’s knowledge and delivery along with a good smattering of humour made this an incredibly interesting and charming way to spend a couple of hours exploring some of our capital city. A most enjoyable and entertaining experience from start to finish.

  9. Molly Johnson

    This tour was so much fun! Ann was entertaining and informative and brought many deceased cats come back to life with charming stories. The walk was through gardens and many historic buildings were pointed out

  10. Joanna

    This was a fantastic walk for any cat lover with an interest in history. Ann has really done her research and the walk really helped to bring her brilliant stories to life. Who knew there was so much cat history in one small area of London!? It’s also a great opportunity to connect with like-minded cat fans, as everyone was chatting between stops about their love of felines.

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