Cat Tails – A Feline Take on London History

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Westminster Underground station, London (exit 4, opposite Big Ben)

Guided by Ann

Walk Times

Day Walk Type Start Time End Time
12 May 2024 Special 10.30 am 12.30 pm Summer Reserve Online
5 June 2024 Tour du Jour 10.45 am 12.45 pm Summer Reserve Online
7 July 2024 Special 10.30 am 12.30 pm Summer Reserve Online

Here’s Ann’s delightful podcast introduction to the Cat Tails walk.

“Cats keeping dogs in their place” – Ann’s Flipside Purrfect Podcast about Cats

And This Makes Three, Giving Us a Clowder of Cat Podcasts

Ok, that’s got you in the mood, let’s paws for a word from Freud and then on to the walk

“Time spent with cats is never wasted,” Sigmund Freud.

Which national heroine had 60 cats? Who had his late cat’s paw mounted on a letter opener? Which cat ate Princess Margaret’s bouquet?

Enjoy these and other feline delicacies on a walk which combines places, people and the cats who lived there.

Including, of course, Larry of Downing St. and his predecessors.

19 reviews for Cat Tails – A Feline Take on London History

  1. Sue

    We had a noisy start to our tour with singing protesters, but we thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Ann had some amazing stories about cats and their owners – who knew about the Savoy cat! I particularly loved the names of some of the historical cats – what a hoot!
    Cat lover or not, I highly recommend this tour. Ann is a great guide!

  2. Jim

    We joined the walk on a breezy and cold November day. The ambient noise level, police sirens, helicopters, shouting protestors, all posed a problem. We learned about cats in historical settings which sometimes related to where we were standing, and other times were a bit of a stretch. Ann is light-hearted and theatrical but was sometimes hard to hear. I had mistakenly assumed the walk would end where it began and had no idea where we were at the end. It would be helpful to have that information ahead of time.

  3. Katreya

    This is a fabulous walk. Full of interesting anecdotes about London cats. Most are historical – but some still have not used up their nine lives. So entertaining. You don’t even have to be a cat lover to find yourself chortling and marvelling at the tales of those cats and their ‘owners’. Also enjoyed looking at lots of great photos that Ann managed to source.

  4. Jennifer Thornton

    Had an absolutely great walk with Ann today. I had no idea there were so many cat tales to be had. Even though it rained relentlessly it didn’t spoil the fun. Ann is brilliant and brings the stories to life with pictures and readings. Going into the Savoy hotel was the highlight for me. Thank you for a lovely 2 hours.

  5. McKenna & Jo Ann

    Whether you’re a cat lover or not, this is a fun and informational walk. We enjoyed hearing the various cat stories as well as the history of the various buildings and places we visited. Ann is highly knowledgeable and brought along great photos, quotes, and poems to share with us. At the end of our tour, we successfully found Eliza Doolittle (one of the cats who lives at St Paul’s in Covent Garden)!

  6. Maxwell Kates

    Very entertaining and informative tour on the history of London and its historical and cultural figures, all from the perspective of our four legged furry friends, the cats. Learn about cat stories associated with Churchill, Wolseley, and Nightingale, not to mention Royals and Prime Ministers. A trip to the Savoy Hotel is a highlight, where we learned the legend of the hotel’s cat superstition. Ann has done her research and is passionate about the material. My only suggestions would be to wear a microphone when attractive a large group, and more explicit London Walks signage at the beginning of the tour, otherwise the experience was formidable. I did subsequently search for the cats in St. Paul’s, but much like T. S. Eliot’s Macavity, they weren’t there.

  7. Helen

    This was good fun and had lovely stories and photos of cats who have been kept by historical figures.

    Ann is a wonderful guide and knew her subject thoroughly. .

    I managed to find one of the cats who lives at St Paul’s in Covent Garden mentioned by Ann.

  8. Karen

    A must for all cat lovers, expertly and lovingly crafted and guided by Ann (despite the pouring rain 08/08/23). Includes photo images, quotes, poems, and a very brief look inside the Savoy Hotel foyer. No “live” cats were to be seen anywhere of course (those kitties are so very clever at hiding), but you definitely won’t be disappointed with this delightfully interesting walk.

  9. Mary

    This is an absolutely gorgeous walk for any cat lover. Ann is a fantastic guide, has fully researched her subject and has brought lots of feline photos and quotations to illustrate the walk. It also takes place in interesting and picturesque parts of London. I highly recommend it and hope it will become a regular and much loved feature on the London Walks programme!

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