Miaow! London History with a Difference

This one’s too perfect as is. So no ‘theme music’, no voiced introduction. Just – ‘just?’ Ann talking about her new walk, Cat Tails – A Feline Take on London History.

‘Talking about?’ Entrancing is the mot juste.

Being Ann-created and guided it is of course divine. And you don’t have to take our word for it. The walk debuted a week ago and it immediately attracted a rave review. Here’s how it went down with walker Mary:

“This is an absolutely gorgeous walk for any cat lover. Ann is a fantastic guide, has fully researched her subject and has brought lots of feline photos and quotations to illustrate the walk. It also takes place in interesting and picturesque parts of London. I highly recommend it and hope it will become a regular and much-loved feature on the London Walks programme!”

The walk will get its second airing on August 8th at 10.45 am from exit 4 of Westminster Underground Station. Click here to read a bit more about the walk.

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