Foodies London in the City – Biscuits & Banquets

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Cannon Street underground station, London

Guided by Ann

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10 August 2024 Tour du Jour 10.45 am 12.45 pm Summer Reserve Online


Don’t just take it from us…

Short read: A Foodies’ Foray & Forage in the City of London. Chef’d by Ann.

Long read: “A man may travel all around the world, and never find anything more interesting than his dinner.” Retrace the steps of Londoners’ dinners through the ages in the City of London. Turtle soup? A modest banquet of 64 courses – or a restorative? In a restaurant, of course. We’ll weave our way around gin and tonic, Pimms, and recipes from Sir Christopher Wren and his friends. Sugar and spice, biscuit fame and why dried egg made Londoners healthier than ever before. This is history you can eat. N.B. this is foodie history – no food shops but very tasty fare for those of us who are fascinated by the subject… Guided by Ann (who else but Ann, the London Walks Foodies’ Maestro and Impressario). And if you want to see her in action, here’s a short video of Ann guiding the first Foodies London Walk she created.

Get to know your guide listen: Click here to hear (it’s one of Ann’s fascinating London food-London history concoctions-podcasts).

Julia Child read: “People who love to eat are always the best people.”


Biscuits & Banquets The City Foodies Foray takes place at 10.45 am on Saturday, the 10th of August. Meet Ann just outside Cannon Street Tube


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“when preparing your soup ensure first that you have a tin of the green fat”


“by far the most impressive series of walks that I have ever encountered are those offered by London Walks”  Travel & Enjoy


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Click here to see Ann guiding the first Foodies’ Walk she created (Epicurean, Gourmets’, Foodies London)


Don’t just take it from us.

6 reviews for Foodies London in the City – Biscuits & Banquets

  1. Lee

    A delightful history of the origins of food in the UK. Ann was a delightful historian regaling us with stories of the past. We did think when booking that we would be privy to tastings as we went along but we were not disappointed with our final walk.

  2. Anne

    Our group enjoyed an interesting and entertaining private walking tour of the food history of the City of London with Ann. Ann was a very well-researched guide and told us about the guild and livery companies which controlled the selling of food in the City from the 13th century and how they still operate today. Assisted by excerpts from the very informative diary of Samuel Pepys, Ann had us enthralled (and occasionally appalled) by the early food habits of Londoners. Amongst many historical tales and fun facts, we discovered the significance of salt, saw the clove-studded arms of the Worshipful Company of Grocers and heard about the thanksgiving service that still held annually at the church of St Mary at Hill to celebrate the fish harvest. Thank you Ann!

  3. Linda Tobey

    We joined Ann on an excellent walk around the City of London on Saturday. It was fascinating and, even though I used to live there, I still learned a lot about the history of food and restaurants in the area. The tale of the Leadenhall goose and explanations of the history of the Guilds were a particulat highlight. If you are not perticularly a foodie, the walk is still a great way to get to know some of the medieval alleyways that have survived the fire and the blitz. Ann is extremely knowledgable and a great communicator. Highly recommended.

  4. Melissa

    So many learnings – and a lot of fun – on this super excellent walk in the heart of the City of London. Amidst grand buildings, back alleys and the glorious Thames, Ann animated the quirky, gritty and delicious stories of food & wine over 500 years. And as a Past-Master of a livery company it was especially illuminating for me to hear about the ancient guilds and crafts. Ann is utterly charming and knowledgeable and I can’t recommend it highly enough!

  5. Philip

    I enjoyed this walk as Ann let us around the city of London, stopping to tell foodie stories connected with our surroundings which made me hungry. However we didn’t see or taste any food on the walk!

  6. Georgina

    I very much enjoyed this engaging walk & talk with Ann who shared with us her vast knowledge of foodie stories and anecdotes around The City. It was a fun way to kick off our Saturday and keep us entertained with exercise, learning, laughs, literature and enough food references to whet our appetites just in time for lunch.

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