What a very very lucky person you are – Ann on tea, rats & the king of chefs

A culinary and historical feast, this will have you skipping like the high hills. To say nothing of salivating and gorging. Well, not gorging on the rats or perhaps the 16000 tons of half-inch thick biscuits. But pretty much everything else on the menu. Ranging from tea of course (“nothing defined the British like a good cup of tea – you can’t take the tea out of our history”) to Peach Melba to wolf thigh to Newts Thighs Aurora to 5-course meals in the field for officers to Twiglets, etc. etc. In the leading role, the King of Chefs and Chef of Kings. In supporting roles:  three heavily laden camels trekking across the desert – Albert’s death mask  – Biscuit Town – a wedding present – a silver knife – the Franco-Prussian War – rats were on sale – Paris Zoo inmates  – garnish for Casserole Cat  – the Savoy  – Britsh Navy – the West Indies – as good as rabbits – sugar cane, etc. etc. A taste, in short, of the kind of thing Ann serves up on her brilliant Foodies’ London walks. I’d only add that nobody does this better than Ann. Supremely professional, she’s the gold standard. Why is she so good at this? Well, 20 years’ experience as a BBC journalist might have something to do with it. Experience and expertise you know, those two words are cognate. The one follows from the other.

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