Bermondsey Tube | Map

Guided by Isobel or Fiona or Ann

Short read: The Hidden Village on the South Bank.


Long read: Four words* that make my blood race. "Hasn't yet been discovered." And look, if you just want postcard London old Bermondsey's probably not for you. But if the sightseeing equivalent of Granny Bonds isn't your thing, well, step this way. This way for converted factories and disused old warehouses and ghostly scents of baking, jam and leather tanning – the industrial corsetry of the London Bridge Quarter. Yes, the wrong side of the tracks. But it's the right side of the tracks because something's happening here. This is a London neighbourhood coming out of its chrysalis. It's got the buzz. And I don't mean its apiary. More reasons? 1) you won't have seen this part of London; 2) it's very central; 3) there's a fab bit of riverscape; 4) it's got cutting-edge little galleries and museums; 5) it's real London not touristy London; 6) Kate Moss was here (and if it's good enough for Kate Moss...); 7) it's just a short stroll to Borough Market (and today's market day); 8) we end with the only seven-star hotel this side of Dubai (let alone the tallest building in Europe). *Right up there with hidden places, hidden history. N.B. We end very near London BridgeTube and railway station.


The Undiscovered London walk takes place every Thursday at 10.30 am. The meeting point is just outside the exit of BermondseyTube.