Waterloo Railway Station (meet by the main ticket office – it's opposite Platform 16) | Map

Guided by Simon or Richard or Hilary or Chris

Short version: "Best guided tour in Britain" So says the Mail ahout our Stonehenge & Salisbury day trip.


Q. Why is it the "best guided tour in Britain"? A. Because of the way we do it. There are any number of run-of-the-mill Stonehenge tours. Top flight, award-winning professional guides – London Walks guides – don't do run-of-the-mill. Our Day Trip to Stonehenge & Salisbury isn't off-the-peg. It's tailored. It's unique – nobody else does it the way we do it. The Mail came, saw, did some comparing and got it instanta. The verdict of the comparing: no comparison – best in the country


This Spring we go to Stonehenge on Saturday, April 29. In the Summer 2017 London Walks programme  we go to Stonehenge & Salisbury every* Tuesday from May 23 through September 26.  The meeting time for the Day Trip to Stonehenge & Salisbury is 8.45 am. The meeting place is by the main ticket office – it's opposite Platform 16 – of Waterloo Railway Station. N.B. we'll be back in London at approximately 6.30 pm. The Tariff (your train fare, entrance to Stonehenge, entrance to Salisbury Cathedral, and coach fare from Salisbury to Stonehenge) is £64. For the total cost of the trip just add the Tariff to the guide's fee.**

*The exception that proves the rule is Tuesday, June 20. The Stonehenge & Salisbury trip will NOT take place on Tuesday, June 20.

**The guide's fee for a Day Trip is £18 for adults. Or £16 for Super Adults (over 65s) and students. Or £14 for people with the London Walks Discount Card. Kids under 15 accompanied by their parent(s) go free.


Anything else? Yes. The Mail article got right under the bonnet of London Walks. Fun and quirky highlights: the dead rat, its brain laced with arsenic (the proof of the foul play), late of the third Earl of Salisbury's coffin, "now displayed in the Chapter House alongside the Magna Carta." Stonehenge guide Richard's experience and savvy: "schooled in Salisbury he has been been visiting the cathedral for 50 years." Harry Potter guide Richard Walker's star power: "he delivers his Potter particulars with high-beam intensity and a goblet-of-fire voice." Charles Dickens guide David's expertise and standing: "Ph.D. on Dickens...invitation to Buckingham Palace."

It all comes down to the guiding. 

*Well, one of the 10 best. Two of our London Walks – Dickens and Harry Potter – were also in the Winners' Circle. London Walks** – three of the top ten tours in Great Britain. We'll take that.

**And purely for the record (of course): the only London tour company to have made the grade.


"Best Tourism Experience in England"  Gold Medal Winner, Visit England

"London Walks was acknowledged as the premier walking tour company in the entire world" American Tour Guides Convention

"We did three day trips with London Walks. We went to Salisbury/Stonehenge, Oxford/Cotswolds, and Bath. All three trips were wonderful. We traveled by rail to the various locations, and were either able to walk to the tour areas, or we were picked up by coach busses and taken to the sites. The guides Simon and Hillary were extremely knowledgeable and fun to listen to. There was the perfect mix if guided tour and free time to explore on our own. I highly recommend London Walks. Also, the prices charged were very reasonable. The total cost was much less than the cost of the train ride alone." Amex Traveller from Chicago, Illinois

Ok, here's the longer read...

"You'll never see anything like it again." Salisbury is the most spectacularly beautiful cathedral in Britain. Salisbury is the river Avon and mediaeval streets lined by half-timbered houses with high oversailing upper floors and tall gables and rejoicing in names like Ox Row and Silver Street and Fish Row. Salisbury is Thomas Hardy's Melchester and Anthony Trollope's Barchester – and views over the meadows that Constable painted. That's just for starters. In the afternoon we're heading back thousands of years... taking picturesque country roads past the ancient site of Old Sarum and through a lush valley, past old churches and thatched cottages and country mansions, past grazing horses and the river Avon and trout fishermen. Yes, we're bound for Stonehenge. Stonehenge – "those storm-sculptured stones...that outlast the skies of history hurrying overhead". Stonehenge – observatory? altar? temple? tomb? to serve strange gods or watch familiar stars. There, on Salisbury plain, under a sky like moving marble, we'll be face to face with primeval Britain. Guided by Simon or Richard.  


It's practically a mathematical equation. X + Y = A

X = World class guide

Y = Great trip – nobody else "does" Stonehenge the way we do* 

A = Winner of The Best Tourism Experience in England Award