London Walks Pub Walks
Don't know what a pub walk is? Just take a normal London Walk and mix in an extra half hour. (Or take two minutes and watch this little video trailer of the great classic London Pub Walk.) The extra half hour to allow for brief stops – 15-20 minutes or so – at a couple* of handsome old pubs enroute.
In short, you get the same two hours of "content" that you get on a normal London Walk. The extra half hour is "pub time".
They work a treat. And then some. In short, they're absolutely brilliant! How good are they? Well, try this for size: The Along the Thames Pub Walk is (along with Old Hampstead Village) my (David's)  favourite London Walk of all. And considering that I'm personally able to guide 52 different London Walks, well, that's got to be some sort of recommendation!
The pub stops are a good part of the reason a great pub walk is so special. Those two brief (some people would maybe say too brief!) pub stops enroute are a chance to take a break, sit down, socialise, etc. (A pub walk is a completely natural social situation, incidentally – there's nothing forced or in the least bit iffy about it.) People compare notes: "been to any shows? can you recommend a restaurant in that neighbourhood? what was the such-and-such exhibition like?" and so on. They're companionable, they're convivial, they're sociable, they're fun, they're informative. They're good news, whichever way you turn the prism and look through it.
Okay, here's the schedule.
Mondays: we start the week with the fan-blooming-tastical Old Westminster by Gaslight. In short,  the "ok, try to top this" walk (For the record, Old Westminster by Gaslight is a sort of hybrid. By that I mean it normally only takes in one pub – either enroute or as an optional port of call at walk's end. Optional because the main "thrust" of that walk at walk's end is a visit inside parliament. Inside parliament because Monday night "they" – the House of Commons and House of Lord's – normally sit very late, until 10 o'clock or later. And that's by way of saying the walk is timed so that people can go into Parliament – go to the Strangers' Gallery – and watch some "democracy in action" in "the Mother of Parliaments" at walk's end.)
Tuesdays: it's just a singleton but it's another classic: The Hidden Pubs of Old London Town. Well not quite "just a singleton" – because on Tuesday evenings we also do the Brunel's Thames Tunnel walk, which ends right by the historic (and picturesque in the extreme)  old Mayflower. It gets better. Which is by way of saying, Robert's "Mayflower magicked up" some tasty added value! In short, any London Walkers who want to round off the evening – and can there be a better way of rounding it off? – with dinner at the Mayflower will get a free drink.
Wednesdays: ok, for starters there's – in our Summer seasonThe Literary London Pub Walk. And in the winter? Nothing straight up pub walk-wise. But note the nudge nudge, wink wink in the title of the Wednesday night ghost walk: Ghosts, Gaslight & Guinness.
Heading into – and through – the weekend (Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays) – the pub walk pace definitely picks up. We warm up with one on Thursday evening and wind down with one on Sunday evening. And on Fridays and Saturdays it's two pub walks each night.
Thursdays: it's The Ancient City at Night.
*So if you're looking for a "crawl" – you know, 16 pubs and getting smashed out of your skull and therein's the whole story-end of story – well, you're barking up the wrong tree. That ain't a London Walks pub walk. Our recipe – it bears repeating – is a couple of pubs enroute. And then another one for our final port of call at walk's end.