Daytrips from London
At last. An alternative.
An alternative because we don't go by coach and motorway. We go by train. It's vastly superior! Much faster. Much more comfortable. And less expensive!
And, sure enough, a better time when you get there. A better time because you've got more time there and because we explore these places on foot. Our attitude to "industrialised tourism" is yukh. We don't conveyor belt you. We go for a walk with you. Boy, is that different And better. World of difference better.
And as for what's on the menu...
We're now into the heart of the Winter 2016 London Walks programme. In the winter we throttle back a bit – pretty much do a different Day Trip every Saturday. And a handful of "occasionals" over the Christmas week and in the late Spring. 
The Summer programme though is a full on feast. (The Summer programme runs from May 1st through October 31st). This coming summer – Summer 2016 – we'll doing a Great Escape – a Day Trip – virtually every day. Every other Monday (from May 9th through September 26th) we'll go to Cambridge. And the other Mondays? Well, it'll be a "moveable feast" on the non-Cambridge Mondays – i.e. there's a different destination every alternate Monday. Every Tuesday (from May 24th through September 27th) we'll go to Stonehenge & Salisbury. Every Wednesdays (from May 25th through Sepember 28th) we'll go to Oxford & the Cotswolds.  Thursdays and Fridahys we rest. They're our weekend. we go to to Bath (watch the video) And as for the actual weekend, well, it's the "Moveable Feast" every Saturday. Every other Saturday from June 4th through September 24th we'll go to Bath (watch the video). The other Saturdays – the four in May, the ones that alternate with the Bath Saturdays in June, July and August, and the September and October Saturdays – will be a  different destination every Saturday,  Right throughout the summer.
As for Sundays, well, on alternate Sundays from June 5th through September 25th we go to The Cotswolds. And there are normally a couple of summer Sunday trips to St. Albans (we choose the Sundays so we can catch St. Albans' once-a-month Farmers' Market!).
A click here will take you to a table setting out the entire Day Trips from London programme, in chronological order from now – mid-January – through April 30th. The full day by day Summer programme – from May 1 through October 31 – will go up later this month.
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