Always Drink Upstream from the Herd
Get out more. Get out of London. Get out and walk. Get out of the coach. Get out of the motorway rut. Get out of the tourism equivalent of factory farming.
You can now.
Yes. At last. An alternative.
Do you need me to elaborate? Or can we just crack on? 
Read below the dotted if you want me to elaborate. Go here if you just want to crack on.
An alternative because we don't go by coach and motorway. We go by train. It's fastly superior! Much quicker. Much more comfortable. Much easier on your pocketbook. It's, well, streets ahead!
And sure enough, what, er, follows on from that, is a much better time when you get there. A better time because you've got more time there and because we explore these places on foot. Our attitude to "industrialised tourism" is yukh. We don't conveyor belt you. We go for a walk with you. Boy, is that different And better. World of difference better.
And as for what's on the menu...
Obviously our Summer programme is more extensive (see below) than our Winter programme. But we do run Great Escapes right throughout the Winter. We've got one going every Saturday. And there's a whole bunch of "specials" over the Christmas-New Year period. And we do a few Sunday occasionals to St. Albans. And come April, well, the mid-week trips come on stream then. For the particulars for any given date check the calendar. Or there's the entire Great Escapes Programme at a glance page. Or look at the main Great Escapes page. It's here.
And when the Vernal Seasons comes....
Well, the cup overfloweth. We do a Great Escape – a Day Trip – virtually every day in our Summer* programme.
The Summer 2015 London Walks programme is still on the drawing board but we think the Day Trips strand of the programme will almost certainly be the same as it's been the last few years.
To wit:
Every other Monday we'll go to Cambridge. And there's a "moveable feast" on the non-Cambridge Mondays – i.e. there's a different destination every alternate Monday.
Every Tuesday (from May through mid October) we'll go to Stonehenge & Salisbury.
Every Wednesday (from May through mid October) we'll go to Oxford & the Cotswolds.
Thursdays (from mid-May through late September) we'll go to Bath.
And as for the weekend, well, it's the "Moveable Feast" every Saturday. I.E. a different destination every Saturday right throughout the summer. Indeed, right throughout the year. Which is by way of saying, in our Winter programme – which runs from Nov. 1 - April 30 – it's also a "Moveable Feast" every Saturday. I.E., a different destination every Saturday throughout the Winter-Spring London Walks programme.
As for Sundays, well, on alternate Sundays in mid-summer we go to The Cotswolds. And there's a bouquet of Sunday trips to St. Albans – all of them timed to catch St. Albans' once-a-month Farmers' Market!
A click here will take you to a table setting out the entire Day Trips from London programme, in chronological order.
So much for the Headlines – click here for full details!
And while you're at it, do check out the Why Go With Us? page.
*The Summer 2015 London Walks programme will run from May 1st through October 31st. N.B. London Walks operates 365 days a year. And, yes, we do Day Trips in the Winter programme. Not quite as many, though, as in the summer. In the Winter we normally run one every Saturday and a bunch of them on selected dates over the Christmas period and come the vernal season (the Spring).