London Walks Podcasts - Foodies

Foodies London in the City – Biscuits & Banquets

Date post added: 9th February 2024

“the most celebrated dinner in the City of London…”

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Ann’s Christmas biscuits

Date post added: 17th December 2020

“we’re just about to put them in the oven”

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Find out more about everything you’ll be eating on December 25th

Date post added: 30th November 2020

“you’ll pick up enough odd facts to astonish everyone around the dinner table”

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What a very very lucky person you are – Ann on tea, rats & the king of chefs

Date post added: 11th April 2020

A culinary and historical feast, this will have you skipping like the high hills. To say nothing of salivating and gorging. And queuing up for Ann’s Foodies’ London walks when they’re back.

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