London Walks Podcasts - Archaeology

Decline & Fall of Roman London – an archaeologist looks at the evidence

Date post added: 12th May 2021

“it was a kind of Brexit”

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Archaeologist Kevin peers back into the seeds of time

Date post added: 16th April 2021

“it was a kind of Brexit”

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Archaeologist Kevin previews his Chaucer’s London Virtual Tour

Date post added: 19th February 2021

“so we can get an idea of the real faces of Chaucer’s contemporaries”

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The Archaeology of London Bridge

Date post added: 13th February 2021

“20 houses, shops, a drawbridge in the middle, heads on stakes”

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Chaucer’s London – archaeologist Kevin takes us there

Date post added: 29th January 2021

“that job was like being put in charge of Facebook and Amazon and Google for London”

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What it was like to live in a Roman provincial city

Date post added: 15th January 2021

“make sure you turn that girl into cash”

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An Archaeological Examination of Mythical & Legendary London

Date post added: 4th January 2021

“they thought Roman mortar was so strong because it was made of bull’s blood…in fact it was crushed tile”

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‘Flower of Cities All’ – Medieval London History and Archaeology

Date post added: 12th November 2020

“Street names such as Stinking Lane, Bladder Street and Pissing Alley give a clue to the conditions underfoot”

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What Lies Beneath

Date post added: 26th July 2020

“Essentially it’s a 2,000-year-old souvenir”

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Myths, Legends & the Archaeological Origins of London

Date post added: 15th July 2020

“they felt the need to slaughter the giants”

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