The Archaeology of London Bridge

Some genuine expertise here. This is Kevin Flude, a former Museum of London Archaeologist. This podcast is an advancer for Kevin’s Archaeology of London Bridge Virtual Tour. In this podcast Kevin adumbrates the subjects and materials – the evidence, the surviving archaeological record – he’ll look at closely on his Virtual Tour of the Archaeology and History of London Bridge and Southwark.


“An evolution of bridges”

“Unknown number of arches in the Roman period”

“20 archs in the mediaeval period”

“five in the 19th century and 20th century”

“three arches today”

“the bridges would have been built out of wood”

“the strategic importance of London Bridge”

“commercial and geographical importance”

“we’ll look at both ends of the bridge”

“the archaeology and history of London Bridge and of Southwark”

“A Valentine’s Day walk across London Bridge”

“Bridges are very romantic places”

“1900 years of continuity”

“it was particularly useful in defending London”

“the first stone bridge was built at the end of the 12th century”

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